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Paver Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm not convinced that Interlocking Pavers is the way to go on my project. Are there any other resources available that I can use to continue my evaluation?

A. The Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute(ICPI) offers a number of online brochures to help you understand the benefits of interlocking paver products. These documents can be obtained on their website, http://www.icpi.org.

Another resource is to contact prior-work references that can be provided by Paving Stones Plus. These references can give you firsthand feedback about the function and durability of their paver installation and their experience with Paving Stones Plus as a installation contractor.

Q. I have been researching the number of interlocking paver products and have noticed that there are manufacturers all over North America. Is there any issue with getting product from a manufacturer outside of California?

A. Actually, its conceivable that the type of paving product you are looking for is available from a local manufacturer or a distributor here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Otherwise, PSP has installed products shipped from places as far away as Canada but be aware that transportation costs typically don't factor into the price for the material and this may add significantly more cost to your project.

Q. Somehow my driveway has picked up a couple of oil spots recently. Do you have any suggestions on how to remedy these?

A. There is a great FAQ on paver maintenance that has been published by the ICPI that deals with this problem specifically. It is available on their website by clicking here.

Q. Some of my landscaping is now maturing and the roots are starting to push some of the pavers up now. Can this problem be remedied?

A. Certainly! One of the features of interlocking paver installations is the ability to repair problem like this. PSP recommends that a certified installer perform this operation so that the pavers can be restored to their proper grade when being re-installed - It's always a good idea to keep extra pavers stored away.

Q. I'm thinking about doing an interlocking paver patio installation in my backyard. What kind of equipment access do you need to have?

A. It all depends on the scope of the project. When grading work or removal large amounts of existing concrete, dirt, stumps is necessary, access with a Bobcat will most likely be required. A small Bobcat requires a 4 foot opening and a regular Bobcat requires a 7 foot opening, clear access all the way through from the street-side of the property. Other projects may be completed using smaller equipment.

Q. Does Paving Stones Plus provide drainage or grade-related engineering prior to installation or do I need to hire another company to deal with this?

A. In most that is planned in house. PSP can work structural and design engineering firms to deal with drainage, soil compaction, soil stability and other grade-related issues prior to installation. It is our goal to install a lasting product which requires these issues to be properly dealt with prior to paver installation. PSP prefers to directly contract these firms to ensure consistent results.

Q. Is Paving Stones Plus insured and bonded?

A. Yes.